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Vegan Salami

Billie GreenVegan Salami, Classic

Vegan Salami
Vegan Salami

Billie GreenVegan Salami, Whole Round Classic

Billie Green

Vegan SalamiWith Pepper

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Your game changer for unmistakable flavor: Our smoked, gently cooked Billie Green Vegan Salami With Pepper. Like all Billie Green products, it is made with wheat protein, plant-based, and free of additives*. Our Billie Vegane Salami mit Pfeffer contains 33 g of protein per 100 g.


*“Free of additives” means our products don’t contain any E number additives, such as preservatives, artificial colors, or thickeners.

Grammage 70 g
Nutritional values per 100g | Energy 1110 KJ / 264 kcal
9,6gTotal fat
0,8gof which saturated fat
9,5gTotal carbohydrates
4,7gof which sugars
3,6gDietary fiber
3,36gSalt/ sodium

34 % wheat gluten, drinking water, 12 % textured wheat protein (wheat protein, wheat flour), canola oil, lemon juice from lemon juice concentrate, coloring foods: radish concentrate, apple concentrate, black currant concentrate, bell pepper concentrate, carrot concentrate; table salt, garlic, citrus fiber, onion, natural flavor, 1.2 % mixed pepper (white pepper, black pepper, green pepper, red pepper), dextrose, yeast extract, spices, smoked salt (salt, smoke), rice flour, carrot, beechwood smoke.

May contain traces of egg, soy, milk, and lactose.
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We are Billie Green

Making delicious, plant-based foods: That is our passion at Billie Green! Learn about our approach with curiosity, creativity, and loads of positive energy here.

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Our Mission

Our mission with Billie Green is show how diverse vegan food can be and the way we combine unsurpassed flavor with sustainability.

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