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Sven Wieken

General Manager

Sven’s main motivation is to constantly push our innovative products in the exciting growth market of vegan food! Sven sees in Billie Green more than a brand; to him, it is a way of life that means curiosity and well-being. He would love to travel five years into the future to see who how many people will already know and have tasted everything Billie Green has to offer.

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Miroslaw Ryschka

Team Lead Product Development

Establishing new plant-based products in a new company with new team members: That’s what motivated Miroslaw to join us! And it’s no surprise that he meets this and all the other challenges of his position with skill to spare – after all, the title of his autobiography is “Never give up!” In this, he follows the example of his role model, Jon Snow from GOT, and never stops believing until his plan works.

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Christopher Kautsch

Team Lead Key Account Manager

Christopher sees himself as the sales “midwife” for a completely new brand in the innovative alternative-protein segment. Bringing lots of fun to his tasks and the team itself, he is prepared to establish our “additive-free” USP as unique brand equity. And when he’s not busy winning over customers to our next idea, he loves rooting for HSV or watching “Californication”, his favorite show.

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Carolin Meyer

Junior Supply Chain Manager

Carolin’s mission at The Plantly Butchers is to ensure our market entry is successful and to play a decisive role in shaping the industry with innovative products. She loves collaborating with her colleagues to look for solutions and fiddling with Excel spreadsheets. And when things aren’t running so smoothly, she watches trash TV with Ruth until the world looks better again.

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Larissa Grotepaß

People & Organisation Manager

Larissa sees The Plantly Butchers as a great chance for professional development in helping to shape the culture of our company from stage one and to bring “additive-free products to the market. Always on the lookout for new ideas, she and our our passionate team develop strategies for our People & Organization division. She also enjoys laughing with her colleagues until her stomach hurts – if she could, she’d stop time at moments like that.

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Ruth von Bar

Team Lead Product Management

The chance to design everything from the ground up with an entirely new team: That is the mission of Ruth von Bar, who, with her abundance of self-motivation and passion, is at the forefront of growing our Billie Green brand. True to the motto “May the force be with you!”, Ruth is prepared to play a decisive role in shaping the market. And when things don’t go just as planned, she treats herself to a big cup of coffee, a good chat with Carolin, or a cuddle session with her beloved dog.

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Ana Tello

Trainee Product Management

True to the advice given by her father, “Anything you set your mind on is possible,” Ana is determined to pursue our common vision. The Plantly Butchers is the perfect company for her, where she can get involved in every process and in the development right from the start. She is highly motivated, and is already mastering the daily challenges posed by her dream of celebrating Billie Green’s expansion and growth in other countries in five years.

02 TPB Jo rg-Bunk Website

Jörg Bunk

Team Lead Communications

“Alternatives to meat: Billie Green – the most successful market launch of the last five years!” This is just what Jörg wants to read in the Lebensmittelzeitung (Food Journal) in five years’ time. And because working together with his colleagues is going like a dream, he is certain that Billie Green is going to become a brand that is taken seriously in the expanding meat alternatives market. He wants to tell everyone in Germany who, or what, Billie Green is, and how delicious the products are.

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Marc Rhode

Head of Field Service

Being there from the very start and continuing to drive major growth in the vegetarian and vegan segment are the very things that appeal to Marc about working in our team. He particularly likes the productive, warm, fun and very friendly atmosphere, and every day he looks forward to exciting new tasks that speed up the introduction of lots more innovative additive-free vegan products.

04 TPB Sandro-Seifert Website

Sandro Seifert

Promotion and Event Manager

What motivates Sandro? Being a part of Billie Green and having the opportunity to create an authentic, approachable brand experience which turns customers into fans. In order to make this possible, his top priorities are premium food, good entertainment and devising a Billie Green event philosophy. His work in and around the food truck, above all, spurs him on to make Billie Green increasingly better known in the event industry.

05 TPB Sarah-Niermann Website

Sarah Niermann

Digital Marketing Manager

Billie Green is attractive to Sarah both as an end consumer and an employee. Since she has followed a vegan diet for ten years, and has already gained experience in advertising in the food industry, she sees her job as the perfect match. The reasons for this are that in digital marketing she can fire up enthusiasm for enjoying a plant-based diet in countless people and, together with her colleagues, she can tackle one power project after another. It is her five-year goal that as many people as possible know who, or what, Billie Green is.

06 TPB Silvia-Jackmann Website

Silvia Nolte

Key Account Manager

“Move out of your comfort zone and into a team full of momentum, vision and drive.” This is exactly what motivated Silvia to join us. The things she values above all about working with her colleagues are the team spirit, authenticity, passion and flat hierarchies. She is looking forward to establishing Billie Green’s authentic, unconventional and inspirational attitude to life even more strongly in the market in the next five years.

07 TPB Thomas-Ludwig Website

Thomas Ludwig

Innovation Manager

“Making a difference and making something new.” Thomas came to us with these things as his motivation. At the same time, he is pursuing a big goal: within five years, he wants to increase the relevance to the target market with products that are geared towards the end user, as a result making Billie Green a brand that is indispensable in the market. Which is why, together with his positively crazy yet practical team, he leaves no stone unturned when refining an idea to the stage where it finally becomes a reality on the shelf.