Flavor hits the road:

Billie Green on tour

Our Billie Green food truck was at the Terra Wortmann Open and the Reinert Open with tasty treats made with our salami, bacon, and diced ham. You missed it? Don’t worry! We invite you into our Flavor Workshop so you can enjoy that open-air event atmosphere right at home. From pizza to tarte flambée, sandwiches to panini, you can find recipes to make our delicious dishes yourself here. Check it out now!

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On the road with the Billie Green tour
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You’re curious how the vegan salami, bacon, and ham treats from our Flavor Workshop actually taste?
Here is what our first customers have to say!

What ourcustomers think

I didn’t realize before how diverse and delicious vegan food can be and how easy it is to make! Especially the plant-based bacon, I wouldn’t have guessed it wasn’t meat. It’s awesome how Billie Green has managed to recreate the taste and texture of meat so perfectly that there’s no difference from the original.

I noticed the food truck right away and tried a piece of pizza. What can I say, two hours later I was back in line at the truck. I had tried another vegan salami before, but it couldn’t hold a candle to this one.

At first, I didn’t notice there were only vegan products at the food truck. I thought it was just a normal pizza. And to tell the truth, I couldn’t even taste the difference. I knew that the vegan diet has a lot to offer, but I never would have guessed you could make so many different dishes with vegan products. Long story short, it was delicious!

If I come across Billie Green products at the supermarket soon, I will definitely be buying them because I was more than convinced here at the food truck!

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